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New Movies Bitches

2008-02-21 11:23:26 by jonohomo

Yo Homos!

2010 is shaping up to be a very good year for Anal Films!
i set myself a target at the start of 2010 - to make as many movies as there are months in the year.

My twelth movie, called 'Adventures of a Cabbage 4', has been released which means this years target has been met!

i also have ideas for another movie which will be called 'Crazy Horses'

i am going to make a Christmas special. That will be called 'A Christmas Cabbage', basically a parody of 'A Christmas Carol'. So if that all goes to plan i will have created 14 movies this year!

Plus i may think of other stuff in the last 4 months of this year

Until they are released i will sentence you all into watching repeats of my earlier flash submissions. muhahahahahahahaha!

ps I have an itch in my groin, which i want to share with you...


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2008-02-28 16:13:50

Good luck with your mulitple flash endeavors.

Don't know what else to say so I thought I'd link you to this cool song. uare/tibetian-rhapsody/


2008-04-12 21:30:47

Your animations SUCK!
Your probably using flash 6 instead of Flash 8.
And big deal, I am currently working on 2 PROJECTS, AND 3 ANIMATIONS, IN ALL THAT 5 ANIMATIONS! NOW WHAT??? lol

jonohomo responds:

whoop ti doo basil. u do stick figures u one eyed trout!

now that is crap!


2008-05-01 06:51:31

Stick figures look like the Mona Lisa compared to your suck ass drawings/animation!

jonohomo responds:

stick figures = simple

simple = boring

boring = crap!

so i come to the conclusion that u are crap! along with ur ''animation'' (notice the speach marks)


2008-05-01 21:03:40

The highest flash rating you got was a 2.40 or something, I can get that kind of score in ONE day, My highest movie rating was a 3.22 and I didn't even think it would've gotten that rating....

fact is..... YOU REALLY SUCK!

jonohomo responds:

i have a unique sense of humour which isnt shared amongst many others. that is the only reason for it being low, otherwise i would be kicking ur ass bitch


2008-05-08 06:48:44

Then make a flash movie that is funny
If you're humor is "good"

jonohomo responds:

i am in the makin a few now. i bet u will be rofl


2008-06-24 13:37:33

Phhht yeah right


2008-07-02 10:00:45

Dude, I left a comment on your Moobs flash, and you got all pissy. Just because I don't do flash doesn't mean I don't know quality work from crap douchebag. If you're gonna put vids up, have the balls to accept certain types of criticsm and not just act like a dick to those who rate it. You put it up, we rate it. If you think our scores don't fall in line with what you made, then don't put it up. Simple as that.

jonohomo responds:

it winds me up when people who cant be arsed makin flash, critises others who actually make the effort.
until u make a decent flash i cannot see how you can critise others